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This press release summarizes the events, audit findings, and actions taken by Tan Grande y Jugando regarding the conflict between two members of our community and our concern about information handling.

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Bogotá, December 26nd. From Tan Grande y Jugando (TGYJ), we want to address an important issue that has affected our community and reputation in recent weeks, a recent situation involving two members of our video game developer community.

As the CEO of TGYJ, Sandra Castro Pinzón, I want to provide clarification regarding the recent events involving our organization. We conducted a thorough internal investigation to understand and resolve conflicts between two individuals in our community.


During the «Your Own Story» jam held from November 17th to 27th, 2023, disagreements arose between two of our members: Jammer A and Jammer B, who had volunteered as mentors on previous occasions. However, Jammer A had no direct relationship with TGYJ. The controversy originated from a misunderstanding during project presentations, leading to accusations and tensions between both parties. Tan Grande y Jugando conducted an investigation and resolution of this situation.

The OPEN LETTER TO OUR GAME DEV COMMUNITY  in Spanish and English can be viewed at >


After a thorough internal investigation, we identified that the conflict was mainly due to a lack of communication and misunderstandings between the parties involved. Both parties claimed ownership of ideas. We concluded that Jammer B used inappropriate and disrespectful expressions toward Jammer A, which we deeply regret and strongly reject as a violation of the principles and values we promote in our community.

Unfortunately, during our internal investigation and while we were within the stipulated deadlines for due process, Jammer A decided to share details of this incident with international organizations. This resulted in the dissemination of incomplete and selective information, creating a negative perception of our organization without waiting for the proper course of our ongoing process.

Additionally, Jammer A, through a thread on X, formerly Twitter, disseminated information that we consider partial and biased, omitting crucial details that would have provided a more complete picture of the situation. This act has put us in a delicate position and undermined the trust placed in our organization and its internal processes.

It is important to highlight that the original issue arose when Jammer A claimed that Jammer B took possession of Jammer A’s idea, questioning its intellectual property. However, it is worth noting that both locally and internationally, copyright law clearly distinguishes between ideas and protected intellectual property. According to Colombian regulations and the regulations of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), it is recognized that ideas are not subject to appropriation; rather, it is the specific expressions or manifestations of those ideas. This distinction is fundamental and supports the notion that ideas themselves are not protectable by copyright, but rather their tangible expression in literary, artistic, or scientific works.

Despite the difficulties caused by this situation, Tan Grande y Jugando continued with the process of internal investigation and resolution. We took appropriate corrective measures, including the removal of Jammer B from their role in our organization and the implementation of clearer policies to prevent future conflicts of this nature.

To the video game development community, allies, and collaborators, we express our sincerest apologies for any misunderstanding or discomfort caused by this incident. We reiterate our commitment to transparency, integrity, and respect in all our actions and future events.

We thank the community for its continued support and understanding as we work to resolve this matter fairly and constructively. Tan Grande y Jugando is committed to strengthening our internal processes and remaining an inclusive and respectful community in the video game development industry.

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